Natural Hint Of The Day: Mice, Ants, and Cockroaches Be Gone!

As winter descends we may find our homes invaded by uninvited guests.  Peppermint essential oil is a powerful and safe ally in preventing or interrupting the onslaught.  The scent that is so delicious to us sends them running for the hills!  Simply soak (approximately 5 drops) a cotton ball with high quality peppermint oil (quality counts) and place in the right spot.  What is the right spot?  If your problem is mice it is best to act preventatively.  The cotton balls are most effective when placed at possible points of entry or protectively around items you don’t want them getting into.  As a preventative measure they significantly reduce chances of an infestation even starting.  No stress, no poisons, no moments of “ick factor.”  After the rascals are in your home its a bit more challenging.  The peppermint soaked cotton balls are still powerful but they won’t make the mice leave the home.  There are still many “non peppermint” places to hide.  They can be used as a protective hedge around whatever you don’t want them accessing.  Encroachment stopped!  As for ants and cockroaches simply place the balls in any paths or where activity is noted and voila!  They will retreat to sweeter smelling adventures.  Here’s to safe and effective natural remedies!

2 thoughts on “Natural Hint Of The Day: Mice, Ants, and Cockroaches Be Gone!

  1. Thanks Sabrina for the great tips. We do get the occasional mouse that gets in…I don’t think the cats will like having the peppermint oil in place as they look forward in playing with them. Yuck!

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