4 thoughts on “Make at Home Echinacea Tincture– Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally.

  1. Bless your heart. Impressive that you go to such lengths. I just use Gaia’s echinacea. The company knows echinacea like no other. I’ve spoken with the herbalist there. There are different types and they have formulations for onset and then for prevention.

    This might toot your horn. We seem to have a lot in common:


    Feel free to email me your latest personal post if you’d like. Holistic Wayfarer (one word) at gmail.



    • You give me way too much credit.. .though it’s appreciated. 🙂 It isn’t really that much trouble to make the tincture myself. I feel energized being out in my garden walking through herbs/flowers. It may sound nutty but I “drink in” their energy. Echinacea is shockingly easy to grow–plus it’s beautiful–so that isn’t hard. And there is something “magical” about knowing exactly what you are using, knowing for certain it is organically grown, seeing the leaves/flowers/roots reach their summit of medicinal value and harvesting at just that moment. I just feel good having medicine that has been infused with my love as well as the natural healing power of the plant. Then it’s basically just “shake and wait.” lol!! Thank you so much for being interested in my personal post. I want to make some revisions but I’ll send it to you later today. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. 🙂 Heading over to that post of yours now. . it is awesome to meet a like minded lady!!!!


      • We actually do drink in nature’s energy. I’ve been meaning to do a very important post on this for over a year (can you tell I’m just a little busy?) and a few readers have asked for it so I’ll try to get it out in the next few months. I will get to your article when I can. Hit an unexpected speed bump in this journey we call life – have to deal with that first. Just love your description of the relationship you CULtivAte with your garden.

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        • I can’t wait to read that post when it comes out. On another note. .my life is nothing but “speed bumps” so you don’t ever need to worry about explaining or apologizing. I appreciate the review whenever you get to it. Thank you!!! 🙂


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