Free High Quality Frankincense!!!

As an update to my Make at Home Pure and Powerful Face Cleanser post from yesterday. . . I have some very exciting news!

A good friend of mine from Temple Bodies has generously offered to give the first five responders a free 30 drop supply of Frankincense for use in preparing their own face cleanser!!!  This supply will prepare cleanser for 6-8 months, is very high quality, and a very powerful anti-aging essential oil.

With such a generous offer. . . I imagine these free samples will be claimed very quickly.  If interested click here to be redirected to my blog post.  Her offer and link to claim your Frankincense is in the comments.  If you have any difficulty, just send me an email.  Finally, if you are one of the lucky first responders I would love to here your results after trying!!!  Enjoy!!!!

7 thoughts on “Free High Quality Frankincense!!!

  1. Frankincense is a true wonder among the infinite wonders of nature’s medicine chest. I use gobs of it all the time. I swallow it as an anti-inflammatory and anticancer medicine. I burn it to purify my surroundings and still my mind. I use it topically to treat minor infections. I also use resins that I collect from other trees, for other purposes. Glad to see you brewing up tinctures and stuff. Hooray for kitchen medicines!

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      • The Frankincense and Myrrh gums I obtain in the Land of Israel. They mostly originate in Ethiopia and Eritrea, as those are some of the few places the trees have not been torn up, because they are two of the ingredients of the Holy Temple Incense. The Balsam Fir, Piñon, and the various Pines, I collect myself. These gifts the trees give when they’re ready, in the form of tears of resin that they either shed on the ground, which pinyon does, or else the resin dries on the trunk of the tree. I collect this in the forest or desert and store it in the many cigar boxes my father left. He never threw anything out, being sure that it would have a use someday, and in the case of the many cigar boxes, this was certainly true! The different resins have different energies and can be burned on charcoal to purify the environment or provide a good atmosphere for meditation. Myrrh can be dissolved in grain alcohol as a wound wash, to cure ringworm, and as a truly miraculous treatment for gum disease. The other resins have their own specific medicinal uses as well. After I collect the resins I cure them for several years, then crush the tears to whatever size I need for different purposes. And there you have it! And also, I am a perfumer, so I do use extracts of the resins in building custom medicinal perfumes, if they are called for. I do sell certain resins and extracts, if anyone is interested. The extracts are very strong and will require dilution, so they come in 1/8 and 1/4 oz concentrates, or 30 ml bottles of ready-to-use tincture.

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        • Interested? Are you kidding? I am fascinated!!! I wish I had a “love” button for this comment! Have you ever written a blog about the different resins, how they are collected, the curing process, and the suggested uses? Would you be interested in guest blogging?

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          • 😆 Glad you’re enjoying the resin trip. Uh, journey 😜. No, I haven’t blogged about this type of medicine, although I need to. I really need to start a natural medicine blog, since that’s what I mostly do. My current blog centers on my life and how bipolar colors it, although I also use it as a journal.

            I’d love to do a guest post for you. Why don’t you write me at moxadox at gmail dot com and we can brainstorm a bit about what would work best for you and your readers. It will be fun!


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