6 thoughts on “Make At Home Pure and Powerful Face Cleanser

  1. Sabrina, this looks like something I would enjoy trying. Our skin sounds similar and I’ve never found an exfoliant that doesn’t irritate or dry my skin. For my essential oils of choice, it’s a tough decision! But I think I’d go with Frankincense for it’s renowned anti-aging properties. It nourishes skin at a cellular level, and has a rich and relaxing scent. I like Sandalwood too, as it provides a touch of natural moisturizer to the mix and is such a powerhouse for beauty products. Can’t argue with your choice of Lavender too (and it is hands-down more beneficial than Lavandin, I agree).
    I would be happy to share a sample of Frankincense (30 drops) with the first 5 people who contact me at my email address stacey.b.wynn@gmail.com. My site has more info about the oils I use in my home every day. http://www.TempleBodies.com

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    • Stacey: That is incredibly generous of you! Your oils are very high quality; and, Frankincense is such a marvelous addition to any skincare product. It’s been revered for thousands of years for it’s powerful rejuvenation of the skin. How wonderful to be able to make a cleanser that also has anti-aging properties!! I also like geranium essential oil–which helps with broken capillaries, Neroli oil–which helps tone sagging skin, smooth lines and shrink pores without drying the skin, carrot seed oil which is amazing for regenerating cells/improving tone, and Ylang Ylang–which has one of my favorite scents–rich, spicy, and sultry–while improving elasticity and reducing fine lines. Hmmm. . .I may have to write a blog on all the options! We can really create the “perfect” skin care for each of us individually— in our own kitchens!


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  3. Great. =) A bit off tangent, but related: my son came screaming into the house two days ago from what he said was a wasp sting. Came out of nowhere.The homeopathic and clay pack (rhassoul, from Mt Rose) calmed him and took care of the pain.


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