Do you ever wonder about all the chemicals/preservatives/fillers and additives that we ingest in our food, bathe in, wash our clothes/dishes, and use in a multitude of ways over our bodies each day? Do you worry about what all those unnatural ingredients do to your health and those you love–especially when 85% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies? I used to think about these things as well. Over the years, I have learned how to incorporate herbal medicine into delicious recipes–thrilling the taste buds and strengthening my health with each bite. I have learned how to create beauty/personal care products that are not only healthy–but powerfully effective. I love great food, entertaining, travel, organic gardening, natural health and beauty, and feeling good and healthy in my own skin. Naturally Elegant is a blog where we can learn real and informative methods of organic gardening on both big and little budgets and spaces, recipes for the results, entertaining, herbal remedies, natural/organic beauty products you can make yourself AND that work wonderfully, local reviews of restaurants and farmers markets, plus much, much, more. As a community we can take charge of our health, redefine beauty; and, what we are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. And we can have a great time doing so! We will explore everything for those that want to give their families and themselves the very best. Even better, we can achieve this without going crazy or broke in the effort. Naturally Elegant is just what the name implies. Pure and true. Elegant, fun, healthy, beautiful, natural/organic living. If you are interested in learning with me about all things delicious, beautiful, healthy and fun to share with those we love… pull up a chair and a cup of coffee or wine. I would love to get to know you.

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